Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today marked the start of our final adventure on Argo, the preparations for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta began in Earnest as the students woke up to finish some final parts of the boat off to perfection for our arrival on the dock alongside beautiful Yachts from around the world, the Spirit of Tradition Ketch Rebecca is on our port side and behind us, shipped from Monaco is Tuigo, a traditional classic which is one of the only other boats racing that doesn’t have winches and motors to help them raise sails. With flags flying proudly, we fitted snugly in with this crowd of premium yachts. The skippers briefing was tonight, and I found out which yachts were going to be in our class and what the courses would be. The first race tomorrow is The Old Road, which should be a nice sail except for the short upwind leg. Our start time isn’t until 11:15, but we will be pushing off the dock around 0800 with a professional photographer in tow, so keep your eyes peeled in magazines over the next few weeks, and you could see some up close. Personal shots of the shipmates doing what they’ve learned how to do best, sail Argo like a crew!