Location: Slipway, Antiuga

Here Ocean Star sits, back in her place on the dock in the Slipway. The morning started out with a hearty breakfast of granola, sugary cereal, milk, and yogurt. The perfect meal to get everyone going for fly day. After making sure everyone was packed, cleaned up, and had written their cards, everyone was allowed one last trip to shore for a couple of hours before their departure from the dock. Souvenirs were purchased, and pink tings were guzzled as we slowly approached noon, the designated time for leaving Ocean Star. As the taxis came and bags were passed along to the trunk, goodbyes were said. Tears were shed, and Alice even allowed people to give her a hug! Proving just how much we have grown in these past 42 days.

In this time of the coronavirus, things may seem uncertain and even a bit scary. I think I can speak for everyone when I say I am so appreciative that we were all able to make it here onto Ocean Star and get to spend these past 42 incredible days diving, sailing, learning about marine biology, and growing as a group. Each crew member was vital and played a major role in making this trip just as special as it was. The laughs shared, memories made, and friendships created will always be cherished.

As Ocean Star sits quietly on this dock, she misses the 14 crew members that made this trip what it was. Steve, Calum, Ash, and I cannot fill the deafening silence, no matter how loudly we stomp our feet on deck or tell each other to stop faffing.

May our paths cross again in the future. This is Sydnei signing off for S/Y Ocean Star!
Ocean Star Out.