Location: Mallorca Anchorage, Spain

To me, this is the perfect kind of day aboard Argo. It starts off with an 8:40 wake up by a friendly face telling you Twenty minutes to watch. Rolling out of your bunk, you take a peek outside to see the sun shining down on a beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea, which flows into the mountainous peaks of an island on the horizon (in this case, the island of Mallorca). On deck, the previous watch, cheery from seeing another stunning sunrise, briefs us on the morning’s events: The course is 150 degrees true at about 6 knots, we’re leaving the point of the island off to starboard. There are currently two boats off our bow, but no worries, they are moving away from us. We passed our first waypoint about an hour ago, at which point we struck and flaked the sails. We should be arriving at our anchorage off the southwest corner of Mallorca in about an hour and a half. If you guys could cover the sails, that would be awesome. So with that, one watch team is relieved while another falls into the rhythm of running the deck underway. Within an hour and a half, Argo has an anchor set and a stern line out to a rock onshore. It’s not very often the crew of Argo sits sternly to a stunning cliff in crystal clear water off the coast of a Spanish island. Actually, now that I think of it, this might be the first time. After a bit of underwater exploration in the form of snorkeling and a quick OCB exam, the stern line was dropped, and the crew was off to another anchorage. In the new anchorage, water playtime continued with more snorkeling, attempts at backflips off the bowsprit, and of course, our very own jump in the water and suds up shower time. To top off the evening, we indulged in a much-enjoyed documentary about Irving Johnson’s journey around Cape Horn. By the end, the crew was psyched to get this ocean crossing underway. Now, doesn’t that sound like a perfect day to you?