Location: Underway to Mallorca

Waking up this morning to the soft sound of my watch’s alarm clock was a nice change of pace. Usually, you are being thrust out of a blissful dream by the opening and closing of companionway doors or Kellan talking in his sleep. After having the skipper’s unpopular task of having to wake the rest of the crew up, we all enjoyed a bagel and smear breakfast. Following breakfast, everyone had some time to get their things in order before we departed from the vivacious city of Barcelona. Most people (myself included) took advantage of their last glorious hot shower, courtesy of the port of Barcelona. It is the little things that this adventure makes you appreciate. At around 10:00 am, it was all hands on deck to get brave Argo ready for the short passage to Palma. It is clear that the crew is getting more familiar with the ins and outs of her galley, saloon, and deck, for it took a considerably less amount of time to make Argo seaworthy. It is also evident that the crew is getting more comfortable with the tumultuous Mediterranean Sea as well. Only one person had to excuse themselves from Oceanography class this afternoon. After a quick Seamanship test and Oceanography class, it was back to the roller coaster ride that is life underway. The company of good crewmates, along with taking joy in the little things really is the best way to get you through the excitingly busy days upon the one and only Argo. Yeoman out.