Location: 31*22.76'N 57*50.12"w

We have been pushing through the Atlantic for an unmeasurable amount of days, not because it’s been so long but because no day is easily defined. We wake up at obscure hours to exhausted peers who are heading to bed, then we stick our heads through the hatch and see the continuous abyss of the ocean. It’s hard not to feel minuscule when surrounded by the most endless environment. The ocean’s emptiness is reflected only by empty thoughts that procure from watches during starlight hours. I know our destination, but when analyzing the empty horizon, our journey and any sense of direction is lost with speed having no relevance. Before figuring out where I could see our location on the chart, the stars guided me. I am by no means an expert on constellations, the Big Dipper is the only one of familiarity, but that alone has been enough to guide me. Up until last night, it has been dead ahead, with Vela plundering away from the Caribbean water and the tropical storm that threatened it, but now the constellation lies on our vessel’s port side. And so our journey eastward begins, precariously holding promises and dreams.

Photo 1: Jessie working on the lines of the Main Sail
Photo 2: James taking on the Bowsprit
Photo 3: Ceci, Jack, Ines, and Keally in class