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Today, Watch Team 2 brought us into the day at midnight. After our fantastic jean watch yesterday, Watch Team 3 was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to take over at four am for the sunrise watch. We all enjoyed a very long and beautiful sunrise while keeping a vigilant watch. As the golden hour came, the girls took the opportunity to take some pictures, some of which James was able to sneak into while he had what could well have been his last bowl of cereal of this passage. A large storm cloud formed off of our starboard bow, and at first, Leoni and Brianne seemed confident we would stay well clear of it. But, after a while, it seemed we would not be so lucky, and many of us rushed down below to don our foulies for what looked to be a serious squall. We returned to the deck, dressed and ready to brave the storm, only to receive a few sprinkles for our efforts while the rain dissipated before us. Not to be discouraged, we chalked it up as good practice and changed once more before we handed over the watch to Watch Team 1.

We were able to get some good sleep before we were awoken for a great lunch of hummus and pita made by Jessi, Kaleigh, and Dylan, as well as Ines and Paige, who gave up some free time to help out with the hummus. Then we rolled into a scheduling meeting with Tom and decided when and what we’d be studying for the rest of the week before we had a student-led leadership class where James and Case taught us about personal strengths. Calum and Brianne then gave us a lesson about some safety equipment that we keep on board, and then it was back to watch for the most elite watch team. Watch Team 3 took over the afternoon watch, and not for the first time today. We were taunted by mother nature. We spotted puffs of air and fins off in the distance several times, and once even thought that whatever animal was teasing us was coming our way, but we never saw anything more. After that, we decided there simply wasn’t enough wind to sail and brought down the mainsail, the fisherman, and both jibs. For our hard work, we rewarded ourselves with Jessi’s delicious chicken fried rice before we watched the sunset as a whole crew and moved into cleanup, ready to do it all again tomorrow!

Photos: Wyatt, James, and I are ready for Seamanship, Watch Team 3’s sunrise watch, and Anna on the Helm while James enjoys his cereal.