Location: Underway to Fiji

Today started as it often does: bow watch with an incredible sunrise while sipping coffee. I’ve decided what I will miss most about living on Argo are the colors. The vibrant reds, yellows, pinks, oranges, and purples of the sunrises and sunsets. The deep blue, almost purple, of over 4000 foot deep Pacific water at dusk and dawn that turns into a rich, bright, sparkling blue during the day. The bright white of the clouds against blue skies. The slight orange, red, and blue glow of distant planets, scattered between silver stars, that you gain a bigger appreciation for with each night. I have never seen so many variations of silvers, whites, and greys in a night sky before. More than anything, I will miss the colors.

Inspired by this, the squeeze question that I chose today was which three adjectives would you use to describe your favorite color. After the question was done being passed around the circle, I spoke to how your favorite color is often a direct reflection of yourself and how these adjectives are words you would use to describe yourself with, whether consciously or subconsciously. For most people, this worked and was a cool activity, with the exception of perhaps Trevor’s whose adjectives were “dark, wet and mysterious,” and Gabe’s, whose were “sparkly, extra-terrestrial. and distant.”

Today was full of last-minute studying in preparation for our NavMater exam tomorrow, which is a two-hour exam that tests us on all things chart-related. We had a large, filling dinner of Tuscan chicken with pasta and the Wahoo that was caught yesterday, and let me just say, I am a lifelong vegetarian that dislikes the taste of anything meat or fish related, and good lord, the fish we had tonight, was INSANE. It almost made me reconsider not eating fish:) Also, we hit 7,000 nm of the trip today! It’s pretty wild how far we have all come, both in the distance and as a crew. Less than 2,000 to go before we get to Fiji!

Everyone, please send us good juju for the exam tomorrow!!!

Current position:
11 36.3555′ S
159 48.3324′ W

Elie and Bella having a snack (yes, it’s baby food. Don’t judge. You’d be shocked at what you’re craving after 79 days on a boat.)
Niko, Amanda, and Izzy vibing on Watch Team 3, with am napping in the background.
Galley crew for the day: Riley, Renee, Marina, Nat, and Lolo