Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning was the first after a night of Anchor Watch. Each crew member had to be on deck for one hour of the night to make sure we didn’t drift. I had to wake everyone up at 7:15 for breakfast burritos. After breakfast, eight out of the ten students began a review of their scuba knowledge and proceeded to experience their first breaths underwater. The other two, myself included, had time to snorkel and swim to the sandy beach. While snorkeling, we saw starfish, stingrays, several varieties of fish (including a barracuda that followed us around), sea urchins, and corals. For lunch, we had “seared cheese,” aka grilled cheese, tomato soup, and pasta salad. The leftovers had to be thrown overboard, adding necessary nutrients to the sea.

Right as lunch was ending, a storm coming towards us, causing a rush to clean up. We couldn’t do it in time, but who minds a little rain? The waves didn’t get too big, but there were several bolts of lighting that hit quite close to the Ocean Star. When it was clear that blue skies were on their way, we took the dinghy, Exy, over to the beach for a leeward/ windward lab. We explored the leeward side first because that’s the side of the island we are staying on. We then walked through a salt lake which was very muddy. Everyone got a little dirty. After a short hike, we had made our way to the windward side of the island. This side of the island faced the Atlantic Ocean and had some fierce waves. Pretty soon, we’ll be sailing through those conditions. We just ate dinner and, in ten minutes, will begin our CPR/ first aid training. Until next time.. peace