Location: Gustavia, St Barths

We arrived in St. Barths around 6:30 this morning after an eventful passage that left all of us pretty exhausted. Luckily, our wonderful, beautiful, and gracious captain pushed our wake-up time to 9:30 instead of our usual 7. After a very quick breakfast, while Tina and Mari went provisioning, the rest of us cleaned Ocean Star till she twinkled and outshone all the fancy yachts anchored around her.

Many of us then finished up some leftover seamanship homework splaying charts and dividers all across the deck and salon floor, calculating ETAs and plotting dead reckonings like the true sailors we are.
Suddenly a very distraught Alex shouted out that Steve had gone missing while diving somewhere around the port-side anchor. In a flash, our rescue divers were up on deck and in life-saving mode. Kyle took charge, and Skye and Matt kit up with superhuman speed and took to the water while Dan and Kylie snorkeled at the surface to keep track of them. A confused but pleased Steve (not that confused as he knew it was going to happen) was found because he was okay and nothing was wrong. A relieved welcome party of rescue divers was waiting for when he surfaced.

With Steve safely back onboard, Kyle, Miranda, Matt, Claire, and I conducted some groundbreaking research for our oceanography projects and got back in time for another one of Carolyn’s delicious dinners that ended with an intense thumb war.
We do have seamanship class after clean up with it being filled with more charts.

See you on the flip side!
P.S. I love you, Mom and Dad! See you soon!!!