Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Wow! It’s day 84 already? Where did all the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were exploring the streets of Rome, getting to know each other, some of us having no sailing experience. Now we are like a big family, having ventured across an ocean together. Classes are winding down as we get closer to the end of our grand adventure aboard Argo, but there are still memories to be made. Last night we enjoyed a beach BBQ, and today we went for a dive, unlike any we have experienced thus far. It was our deep dive and vital to those earning their Advanced Open Water Certification. We descended to about 95 feet. It was glorious, and the aquatic life was abundant. We saw squid, an eel, Lionfish, Barracudas, a stingray, and Parrotfish, to name just a few. The feeling of being immersed and surrounded by the beautiful marine ecosystem is something that we have been coming to love more and more with each dive. The aura here in Antigua is one that is cheerful. The locals are so friendly and outgoing that it has become impossible to walk down a single street without a smile on one’s face. I couldn’t imagine spending the last week with this crew in any other way. -Joey out