Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Some said Usain Bolt couldn’t break 9.7 seconds, some even dared to say Marmite wasn’t edible while others implied sailing 24 new sailors across the Atlantic wasn’t possible, well they were wrong. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mums and Dads, family and friends. We’ve made it! The day seemed to fly by with Argo cruising through the water in much the same fashion in vast contrast to the previous three days. This second group of students sat their MTE navigation final this afternoon while the others used their time on deck to experience the sensation that only helming a 112ft boat can give you, for the final time. As we approached the dock in Nelsons Dockyard, Antigua, sails were dropped, lines thrown and made fast before the crew of Argo breathed a collective sigh of relief and were left to reflect upon the incredible individual and collective achievement of the past 24 days. Sailing an Ocean is no small feat, few are privileged to say the words “I’ve sailed the Atlantic” with the keyword being sailed. The crew of Argo hasn’t had it easy the past 24 days and nights at sea, but then again, I can’t name a single crew member who thought they were in this for an easy ride. This is the adventure of a lifetime, and the Atlantic hasn’t failed to deliver. We’ve stared adversity in the face on numerous occasions and come through the experience having grown as individuals and as a collective unit. Now it’s time to enjoy everything the Caribbean has to offer us. Cheers to that! set date:2012-12-05