Location: On Passage

Today my birthday started bright and early at 7 am with some classic cereal and with everyone singing Happy Birthday at their own pace, all overlapping voices and tones. Once we had finished breakfast, we hung out for a little and cleaned up breakfast, while the staff did a little tune-up to the engine. Once they had finished, we moved to our first dive site for the day at Sombrero reef, where some people had seen sharks and some other cool fish, although I thought the dive after lunch was much better. The 2nd dive of the day was at delta reef, which had been quite shallow, but that had made our bottom time be a little more than an hour long. After reaching the bottom, we immediately saw a really old looking turtle that swam right past us with barnacles all over its shell. A few minutes later, we saw a nurse shark that was just in the shadows of the water. We continued to swim around and finding all sorts of things buried in rocks and hiding from the snorkelers above. We all surfaced to see where we ended up compared to our dingy, but we all had about 2000 psi left in reserves, so we went back down and continued to dive. We didnt find much on the 2nd portion of our dive but a yellow-spotted ray hiding in the sand. Then we surfaced, came back to the boat, raised the dingy, and headed back to the anchorage where we shall stay the night. Dinner was chili and rice with a surprise of lemon pound cake for my birthday, which had been really good after diving all day. Everyone sang happy birthday again, and we continued with the squeeze and clean up. Now we are just about done with clean up and looking forward to waking up for anchor watch.