Location: Marathon, FL

After a long night of anchor watches, we woke up to an amazing breakfast of coffee cake. Soon after, we started with our “Boat Appreciation.” Boat Appreciation is where we clean the entire boat more thoroughly than normal. We started with the down below items as our radar was being replaced, so we had to be careful of that. It started with each of us cleaning our cabins to prepare them for passage. Next, we split up into a couple of groups. One team worked on cleaning the galley or kitchen. It mainly consisted of taking everything out of the fridge and cleaning it out. A second-team cleaned the salon, being all the cushions and the floors. A third team cleaned the hallway and chart house. They wiped down all the surfaces and swept the floors. The fourth team cleaned the heads or bathrooms. They bleached everything. The final team inspected and cleaned the engine room. They looked for any leaks and cleaned up anything else necessary. The reason we are doing all this cleaning now, right before a passage, is that it is super calm where we are currently anchored, and we may not get as lucky as we have been with how calm it is in the coming days. Also, somewhere in between it all, we had a leadership class where we rated different questions to figure out what type of leader we are. Around the same time as the leadership class, we had lunch, which consisted of a burrito with rice and beans mixed with corn and other things. Finally, we ended the day off with a delicious baked ziti, packing it up for the night.