Location: Petit Piton Point, St. Lucia

We woke up early to a beautiful morning in Saint Vincent. After a quick cereal breakfast, we prepared for our passage to Saint Lucia. It was going to be a full day of sailing, so our watch teams were reunited at last. As we left our mooring at Young Island, we raised our sails, and we were off. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the views of the mountainous island of Saint Vincent were incredible. It was a bit of a slow start as we sailed in the lee of the island, but as we moved toward our destination, the winds picked up. In the midst of our passage, we had a surprise visit from some Bottlenose Dolphins breaching right alongside our bow. There must have been 15 dolphins in the pod breaching multiple times before they disappeared beneath the surface. It was awesome to see these marine mammals in their natural habitat. Around dinnertime, we rounded Saint Lucia’s Pitons and arrived at our mooring in Soufriere Bay. After a refreshing saltwater shower, we had a delicious helping of spaghetti as the sun dropped below the horizon. It was another great day in paradise.