Location: Young Island, St. Vincent

6 am wake up for the longest hike I’ve been on by a few hours; the La Soufriere Trail. We hiked a huge volcano, when we got to the top it was an active volcano, very misty and windy. The crater of the volcano was huge, like 10 or 15 thousand clothespins wide… John, our tour guide suggested walking sticks, so we got walking sticks. We then got to have our leadership class on this huge rock, which Kelsay thought was around 1,260m high; it was 60m high… haha. The “huge rock” was in the Pirates of the Caribbean and it made sense on why, it was beautiful, we had a late dinner so we could watch the sunset from the said rock which did not do the elusive ‘green flash’ which I still don’t think exists. I hope you guys back home on the east coast are enjoying that snowstorm…

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