Location: Rome

Wow, it is weird to think this will be the last time I’m writing a blog on argo. It feels like just yesterday, I was skipper walking around Rome. It really is amazing how far we have come from asking each other what their names are to have the first-ever cargo boat rave tonight in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! I really couldn’t have asked for a more amazing group of peopleenough of this time to talk about today. Watch team 3 had a lovely wake-up at 12 from Greta and Hillary, who sang us a song they had made up. As we walk up on deck, we hear… well, nothing. It was so quiet with the engine off. It was the first time Argo had sailed for 24 hours straight without the engine on this semester. We had a pretty good watch where we worked on our Christmas song. It is honestly kinda good, but don’t let the rest of the team know I said that. After watch, I worked on my fish ID book for a little and went back to bed. After a tasty lunch, we had our final oceanography lecture and nav master. I have to say nav master is really hard, but I get so into it. I can already hear people getting ready for the boat rave. I think its going to be pretty good as everyone has such good music taste.

Before leaving, I really want to thank my parents for making this trip happen. You guys really are the most amazing parents ever, and I cant wait to see you xoxo.