Location: West End, Tortola BVI

The farewells began early this morning as Katy had to sadly leave the crew a day early to start her job in New York – good luck, Katy. We awoke at 6 am and left our mooring in Great Harbour Peter to motor over to Nanny Cay, where we dropped Katy off to meet her taxi. We then ate breakfast and motored to West End, returning to the dock where we began the trip 20 days ago. Upon reaching West End, we began our “Giga BA,” half of the shipmates were packing their bags, while others helped clean out the galley and salon. Everyone put in so much hard work to repay Ocean Star for all the good times she has given us. Ocean Star looks great right now. The hard work everyone put in is much appreciated. As with everything this crew does, the day was humorous, full of smiles and laughter. By about 3 pm everyone was free to pick up last-minute gifts, buy ice creams, enjoy a warm freshwater “proper” shower, and call home to confirm travel details. After a final and emotional squeeze, we headed to Pussers for dinner. The evening was so much fun. We laughed and reminisced, looking ahead to the journey home and how Seamester would live on in everyone’s everyday lives back home.