Location: The Tightest Day ever AKA Night Sail/Scuba Diving/ + More Fun Times

We shipped out of Saba around 7:00 at night and arrived twelve hours later at the Baths in Virgin Gorda. The night sail consisted of the usual: preparing the crew, constant shifts of commanding the boat, and having a great time with friends. Once we arrived at the Baths, we had to shun our exhaustion and prepare for a full day. The seven crew members were dropped off at the Baths to witness one of the most amazing rock formations that the BVI’s have to offer. We climbed the boulders and swam at the amazing beaches. A terrific time was had by all. Soon enough, we went back to Ocean Star for a quick bite and then prepared our scuba gear. Before we went to dive on an amazing shipwreck, we took our test to gain our International Crew Certificate that we had been preparing for the last 20 days. Then, it was off to the shipwreck, where the divers witnessed two sharks, turtles, and hundreds of other tropical fish swarming around the ocean. After our dinner, we viewed a slideshow of the past 20 days that showed us how far we had come as a crew. It really made me realize how I care for these people I had just met only 20 days ago.