Location: Underway to Tahiti

Today as a children’s story (dedicated to Elke B)
Once upon a time, there was a boat called Vela. She was built long ago, in the year 2020, and specially designed for a crew of goons and goblins. Today was a particularly peculiar day for the crew. A new chapter has begun. They are off to Tahiti, leaving Galapagos far behind. They will carry the memories of the land, manta rays, and cold drinks with them as they venture out into the unknowneach member with different expectations, ideas, and feelings about the many days ahead. There is a sense of curiosity in the air. How will people react? What will they see?

And most importantly, how will they adapt? The crew has now begun their daily routine. Watch, eat, sleep, and have many laughs in between.
Today began at 0800 for Watch Team 1. They were awoken by a fairy named Toria and a merman named Ben. The eight tired creatures rolled out of bed and stumbled to their heads. Their eyes struggled, fluttering with beats of sleep. The eight creatures of Watch Team 1 slowly made their way up on deck. First, a mermaid named Gabby, then a witch named Ula, a phoenix named Magdi followed a giant and an elf, Owen and Charlie, came up together, a serpent named Kirby slithered up, and Cosmo the gremlin hobbled behind. Finally, a Pegasus named Fargo made his way up. We were greeted by our friends Smash the Gnome and Dylan the Wizard. Watch began, and the creatures moved through their daily routine of boat checking, helming, chatting, cleaning, and desperately trying to keep each other awake. They were sailing (and motoring) over water so clear it looked like glass.

As 12 o’clock rolled around, the cockpit was filled with 21 other creatures, hungry and excited for lunch. We filled our flying plates (they like to go overboard) with sandwiches and a bit of fairy dust. We refueled our bodies and powers and then cleaned up our mess, each creature fulfilling its own job. Some swabbed the deck while others gremlined about. We use staff to swab and wands to clean. The boat began to shine with all the creatures’ hard work, and they soon went down below to begin their classes. First was chemical wizardry (oceanography), followed by spell-casting (leadership).

As the crew learned tricks and spells, beads of sweat poured down their faces, feathers, and scales. Alas! They were revived with a hop, skip, and jump into the cool Pacific Ocean. We swam and swam and swam, cooling our bodies and rejoicing. In the meantime, head chef and merman Ben was cooking up a storm in the galley with Charlie the elf and Miles the wise ginger. The pizza dough was thrown and sometimes not caught. The pizzas were sauced and decorated with everything from cinnamon to mushrooms. The creatures dined and gobbled while enjoying one of the most magical sunsets many have laid their eyes on. As the sun disappeared, they flew and hobbled into clean up. There was a short period of the dark sky until a red moon rose, sweetly surprising us all. The creatures were tired and ready to relax. All those not on watch made their way back to their homes. They will continue this cycle until they arrive at the end of the rainbow (see you soon, Tahiti).

Hog out.

Coordinates of where we swam:
3 02 .442’S
90 27 .082 W

P.S. I hope you like the story, Elke. I miss you. Sending love from the Pacific to all the Bruckermeiers ♥️