Location: Richard's bay, South Africa

Once upon a voyage aboard a vessel named vela that sailed the sea,

31 young souls sailed from the Maldives to the homeland of the homelands; South Africa. When we arrived in South Africa, it was everything you would expect it to be. There were monkeys swinging from the faraway trees, lions roaring in the distance, and sea crocodiles swarming our sailboat in the near waters. The productive waters of South Africa really provided us with everything we needed to sustain our simple lives upon the vessel: food, water, entertainment. Because we do, in fact, live in the world of a pandemic, we were not allowed to leave the vessel, so we transformed ourselves into the creatures around us. Here on vela, we are no longer human. We are no longer the young children we left home as. Robbie is an ape. Jessica is a hammerhead shark. Mads and I, well, you guessed it: zEbras. Leoni, a lioness. The rest of us, including our captain orangutang, have lost to the plains.

I suppose they are happy, well as happy they can be, fighting for their lives and their place upon pride rock. The legend states that a neanderthal who goes by the name of Heinreich watches over the animals from a cave within pride rock. The zEbras hear whispers that he often spends his time prancing alongside them in his underwear. The unison that has been obtained between these young souls from the Maldives is astonishing. I, a zEbra, have never been able to roam the grasslands alongside lions and graze at the watering hole without fearing the crocodiles. But here, among the ecosystem of vela, our own grasslands, we stand as one.

The end.

*A creative tail By Angie


Photos; Credit to Dylan and Smudge

1.Smudge and Dylan Flying their drone’s

2. Dockside

3. Danar, Sam, Lucia, and Val on the bowsprit

4. Tom, Angie, Jess, and Mads cleansing themselves with a face mask.