Location: Richard's Bay, South Africa

Today started out with our last Oceanography lecture of this program, which I have to thank our teacher Leoni for, as she’s been a wonderful and inspirational leader to all of us. Then we went into Leadership, where we were challenged to build a tower in small groups by building up a number of odd materials. Myra, one of my groupmates, was imposing some engineering wisdom on the rest of us, helping our group build a sturdy base and work up from there. Another teacher shoutout has to be put here because Shona’s dedication to this class and each student’s personal growth completely shows.

Later, trying to rally the crew up on deck and just crossing the cabins all at once, I heard jungle noises mysteriously coming from the starboard three-stack as Robbie, and I’m sure a few others hollered like monkeys. Just after, I heard instructional workout audio through a hatch from the deck as Emily, Cait, Carly, and Noah shuffled around trying to get their pulses up. Then explosive laughter from the salon and chanting for more cake from this morning’s breakfast. Lively spirits today. I think we all appreciate being able to walk more than a few feet without being tossed into a wall as a wave hits or getting caught in a door by the strap of our foul weather gear. Docked life has been pretty great. After lunch sometime, the crew all went through some Emergency First Responder Training, something everyone learned could be crucial in saving a loved one or even a stranger’s life after Martin and Elle, two more amazing staff members, walked us through the steps of compressions, giving breath to another person, and all of the safety precautions taken. I imagine Ian especially enjoyed this exercise as Elle demonstrated some life-saving maneuvers on him.

For squeeze tonight, I asked the crew to share what they would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Then I was reminded I lived on a boat of sailors who all dream of being away from the world and into the ocean’s anyways. There were a few outliers, though. Zack would acquire a trained wolf and a Samurai sword he’d call the separator and would roam the world in search of a good time. Angie would create a Utopia. Max would fiercely defend a facility where the cure was being developed, on a horse as the apocalypse’s last cowboy. I’ve definitely got a few people to call should some zombies ever start popping up.

Overall, good food, good people, good day.


Photo; ( first 3 photo credit to Dylan H)

1. Bee

2. Emily

3. Dylan

4. Cate, Carly, Emily, and Noah doing a workout

5.Robbie, Seth, and Herny studying