Location: Richard's bay, SA

Hello, my little munchkins!


Today we received awesome news! We got cleared into South Africa and were told today that we could go on a safari. Everyone was so excited to hear that we were going to be able to go ashore. We were all shouting and yelling. After breakfast, we had a thorough boat appreciation, cleaning the sea salt off of everything and clearing the dirt out from down below. There was a lot of work to do, but we all got stuck in where we needed to and got the job done. Just before dinner, the team that was allowed on land for provisions came back with fresh food. Because of the way we are tied to the dock, we aren’t always right up next to land and have to really stretch to grab the groceries from our onshore buddies. Our brave captain Tom decided to take a quick break to play with the rugby ball and, in the process of getting the ball back on the boat, somehow punted it straight into the water. He was quick to make up for this mistake, however, as he tapped into his inner orangutang and climbed on the dock lines to retrieve the ball with his feet. We all love Tom’s feet!


We spent the rest of the day working out, studying, playing games, and goofing off. Everyone has been enjoying a stable boat to do work and relax. The crew is also very thankful to be able to talk to family and friends when we can. We miss all of you and will be home soon 🙂

Skipper Fin


1. Card games down below

2.Work out class on the chart house

3. Provisioning