Location: Union Island

Today was a spectacular day. Everyone had a smile on their face from the moment they woke up. After some delicious cinnamon rolls (cooked by head chef Hannah), we had a class on the sound signals for vessels at sea. We all had a great time yelling out each sound signal with first mate Nick. After class, we hoisted up Nick to the crow’s nest to fix some chaffing lines. As we were lifting him up, I attacked him with one of the water guns that he keeps around Ocean Star. Little did I know the revenge that would come from doing that… We then began passage prep to head to a new country, Union, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Everyone was excited to get going because today, we brought up our 5th sail for the first time, the flying jib.

As skipper, I got to man the helm while I commanded my crew to lift each sail. They worked like a well oil machine getting up five sails like super seamen. After the sails were raised, we turned off the engine and began sailing with just the power of the wind and our hands. We got some jams playing up on deck, and everyone hung out around the cockpit as we made way to the new country. I was walking around leisurely on deck when out of nowhere, I was doused by a full bucket of saltwater. I looked up to see Nick with a huge smile on his face. This was the brutal revenge for the light spray of a water gun. When we got to Union, Captain Tor and I decided that we needed to drop two anchors instead of one, which we hadn’t done yet. We dropped two anchors because it’s a crowded anchorage, and there are coral reefs all around us. Dropping two anchors allows us to move around less, which is key for a tight anchorage. For dinner, we had steak fajitas, also cooked by Hannah. They were fantastic. Now, we’re headed off for a night out on Happy Island. Skipper Cole here – signing out.