Location: Tarragona,Spain

How’s it going, blog readers everywhere? It’s Sammy again. I’ve come to take accountability. Yes, this post was supposed to go out three days ago. Yes, that, in fact, did not happen. But hey, these things happen! Mistakes were made! (Sureeeeeely, not by me, though, right? Rightttt? Right.)

Better late than never, so let’s get into it. What happened on August 10th, 2023, in the Spanish city of Tarragona? Well, nothing that important. Just a scavenger hunt. And some food. Oh, and a completely new staff member!! That was the big excitement of the evening. One of our former staff members, Tim, left the program a day prior to go chase his dreams, so we got another member, Will hailing from the UK. Apparently, he was “warned” that we would be a little weird, but I don’t think that prepared him for us running around peaking through the chart house portholes (including the ceiling hatches, naturally). Our crew wasn’t sure how we would react to a new member beforehand (after it being just us for so long), but as one, we somehow decided, “Oh yeah, we’re turning this weirdness dial WAYYY UP”. It was such a blast. Many photos ensued as well that night.

Earlier that day, most of us took the opportunity to sleep in. On Argo, a warm shower plus > 8 hours of sleep is a huge luxury, so I, for one, woke up happy as can be. People wandered around Tarragona, seeing the ruins, eating good shore food, doing laundry; you know, all the good things one does. The weather? Sweaty and boiling hot. Mom, you’d be a fan. So was Amanda, my watch leader and oceanography guru. Me? Nopenopenopenope. I’m more of an I-don’t-want-my-clothes-sticking-to-me kind of person. But hey, we all have our things.

And so that was the day. Brought to you by satellite connection just three days late. I mean, if you consider past periods of history, that’s a downright speedy news delivery!

P.S. Enjoy the pictures!