Location: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

The crew of Argo awoke this morning to the roaring sounds of a fire drill; in record time, all were found ready on deck, PFD’s in hand, prepared to tackle whatever task lay ahead. As it was just a drill, we settled down to enjoy our reward for our swiftness and gorged ourselves on pancakes and eggs. Following a quick cleanup, we all dinghied to the island for a free day. Some of us chose to snorkel the world-renowned reefs with the turtles and sharks that reside in the crystal clear waters, while others of us headed off in search of a beach and possibly surfboards. While no surfboards were found, we had a joyous day splashing in the waves, building sandcastles, and playing volleyball, embracing our inner child. In search of local cuisine for lunch, we wandered back into town and eventually settled into a pleasant cafe in a local park, after which we all wandered off to explore the island for a bit longer. Before coming back to the boat for dinner, some of us stopped by another local beach for a refreshing dip. Once back on board, we had shower time, which turned into a diving or belly flop contest. We have several talented floppers on board. I am proud to say! Clean and happy, we all nestled into the cockpit for the squeeze before our fish taco feast. Tonight the squeeze was different from the usual question and was rather an expression through music in the form of a drum circle. Our rhythms collided into a beautiful cadence of thumps, dings, taps, and claps that left everyone feeling a bit more connected to each other on a different level. Now we are all giving Argo a bit more loving, with an after-dinner scrub before heading out once more for our land-bound evening to experience the local nightlife. I would say it is another end to another day worth remembering here on Argo.