Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Today’s program: hiking, climbing, swimming, repeat!

The day aboard Argo began at 5:45 this morning, with me waking everyone up. The reason for the early wake-ups was the hike that we are going to do today. After an hour-long bus ride, we arrived at … well … the sandy road we started our hike from. We met our tour guides, who were incredibly friendly, stocked up on water. We got a quick briefing about the hike and then started walking directly into the Jungle. What none of us really knew till the briefing was that the hike was going to be six hours long and include numerous waterfalls and a few spots to swim and dive.

The hike was something that can hardly be described with words … I’m going to try anyway: nature was stunning. We made our way through trees, bushes, grasses, under branches and roots, and over rocks and rivers. We spend the first-hour hiking downhill towards the first waterfall of the day. The first waterfall itself was already incredibly beautiful, but what followed had all of us in awe: After a short climb up a rocky hill past one more waterfall, we arrived at – you guessed it – another waterfall. But this one was different from the ones before: a pool of crystal clear water had formed at its bottom. Since all of us were very sweaty after almost 2 hours of hiking through the hot jungle of Mauritius, almost all of us wasted no time getting out of our t-shirts and into the water … it was freezing cold. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, but still, it was pretty cold … and all of us welcomed it. The cool freshwater was exactly what we needed.

After 20 minutes of diving and swimming, we continued our hike. We made our way up a steep hill holding on to branches, roots, or anything else that would support us. We passed even more waterfalls, and around noon we settled down at the foot of the waterfall, which again had a basin of refreshing water. We ate our lunch, cooled down in the water, and took in the stunning view over the valley.
If you think that it could not possibly get better than this, well, I will have to prove you wrong. On our way to waterfall number 8 or 9, we passed what our guides described as the jungle spa. We were told to hold our feet into the pool of water and soon felt a tickling at our toes: The pool was home to those tiny fish that eat dead skin cells. We enjoyed our stay at the jungle spa and were very happy when we continued our hike.

Our last stop – after more extremely steep hiking – was the largest waterfall. We rested, ate the last of our provisions, and again took in the breathtaking view, which seemed to get better every minute. Some of us took a quick shower under the refreshing water, and we then made our way up the last, steep part of the hour hike. The last meters of our hike went past a sugar cane field, and our guide began to pick, peel and hand out sugar cane for us to munch on a perfect end to what can only be described as the perfect hike.

After coming back to Argo, we had some free time, which most of us spent on stocking up on snacks again and eating ice cream. After dinner, we were all excited to hear that we would not only get new bedsheets tonight but also that we would have a sign-out night tonight, and we are all very much looking forward to that.

Till next time
– Falk

P.S.: Mom, I am going to bring some sugar home. I love you.