Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

This morning I decided we need to start the morning out to the epic tune of the Jurassic Park Theme song in order to wake up the crew at the ripe hour of 0545. There is nothing like waking up energized and ready to explore the deep blue sea to search for dinosaurs, I mean ocean creatures! As the students, Cooper, Tim, and Alex, went on two dives in the crystal clear Mauritius sea, the rest of the crew got some much-needed boat maintenance done. Argo is getting her fridge, main engine, and hydraulic systems descaled, which means we are running barnacle buster through the raw water (seawater) systems to get all the grime out. Very thrilling stuff here today (I’m not kidding either)! Our squeeze was what is an insignificant memory from your childhood that you remember very vividly. We had everything from unearthing a rock with some friends at the playground to not singing the Oscar Meyer Weiner song to get that whistle.

The dives, I have been informed, were led by a guide with a very majestic beard and consisted of a really fun juvenile clownfish, a sleeping shark, and “the biggest moray you have ever done gone seen” ~Tim. The students had some shore time afterward to get some super fun pants, snacks, and whatever else their hearts desired. Election day was yesterday here in Mauritius, so I hope sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (the man that granted Mauritius its independence) would be proud of the results.

Another fun adventure out here in the Indian Ocean, working our way around the islands from ice cream to ice cream. Until next time.