Location: Vela

Everything Babs said in her previous blog is absolutely correct. We’ve left the cushion of a full night’s sleep behind in Fiji. We are going slower without the engine. And we are constantly moving. We’ve decided to leave behind fresh vegetables for canned, being able to leave your mug for a few minutes to return to it in the same spot, the ability to swim, trees, and the color green. We’ve left all these things behind for a reason. Seems crazy to do this day in and day out for three weeks. Signing up for a program where you spend 20 days of it at sea, with nothing but us and the stars (hopefully some marine megafauna as well).

We are at the point in the passage where everyone is tired, the thought of going on deck for 4 hours in the middle of the night is the last thing we want to do, and all we want is uninterrupted sleep. But guess what? There is nothing else like this in the world. These guys will start to get past their tiredness and start to really see the bliss around them. The night sky is fully in sight with no clouds or light pollution from anything for hundreds of milesthe joy of seeing how far a flying fish can go. Bioluminescence lights up the ocean like a million fireflies in spring. The weird and wacky conversations you can have at 2 am about the K9 Fitness Center back at home. The people around us become our support systems. How going 3 knots under our own power with no help from dead dinosaurs is actually so crazy cool. The fact that we could all be anywhere else in the world, but all happen to be bobbing to and fro on this 112-foot vessel weaving around our line to get to Palau.

It is so easy in our everyday lives to pick the easy thing, but everyone on board has made the effort to make their life not just mundane but extraordinary. We have made the collective decision that if something is easy, it’s probably not worth it. So we are putting in the work to get so much more out of life. We decide to get up at 3:30 am to make sure Vela and everyone on board is safe. We somehow grow more arms to catch everything in the galley as we try to cook. We put ourselves in these situations because life isn’t always easy, and if we don’t break out of our comfort zone, we will never be able to grow.