Location: Underway

As we enter the final day of our Atlantic Ocean crossing, we are all amazed by the amount of water we’ve covered, the ease with which we take rapid fire on-deck instructions, and how normal it is to cook a meal for 30 people while experiencing intense rocking. Two weeks after our departure from the Cape Verdes, and we’re all a lot tanner, a lot closer to one another, a bit saltier, and extremely grateful for the life that we’ve all been living together for the past two and a half months. Today, like most days while we’ve been underway in the Atlantic, consisted of waxing, polishing, hanging out in the saloon, napping, snacking, class time, good food, and lots of smiling and sweaty shipmates. After lunch, Kris led our last Oceanography lecture for this semester, while Matty introduced us all to the animals that live amongst hydrothermal vents during our Marine Biology class. Today, like the past two weeks, was ridiculously hot and sunny, and we all smelled again just a few hours after our refreshing on deck afternoon showers. Those taking the Professional Skipper Course were able to relax a little bit today after having taken a test last night, though continue to study for another test coming up in a few days. After a delicious dinner of tuna casserole (with fresh Mahi Mahi mixed in!), one of the shipmates, Spencer, taught the group quite a lot about facial hair, which was very cool, but more applicable to the 15 male shipmates than the 5 girls. As I write this, I must unfortunately report of the distinct rumbling of the engine we all hear and the familiar vibrations it causes under our feet; right before dinner, the wind decided to do something funky and we had to drop the mainsail. We’ve sailed for an unbelievable and history-making (for Seamester!) amount of this crossing, and we are all hoping that the wind will pick up tomorrow morning and we will be able to continue our sail towards the island of Dominica. It is so hard to believe that two weeks have flown by so quickly.

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