Location: Saba

This morning I was able to start off my day with an early morning science dive with Allison and Annie. Since Statia is a Marine Park, we invited a representative to join us to observe our sediment sampling project. After a full core was extruded from the dark volcanic sand, we looked around and saw that an entire school of fish had encircled us! It was a pretty fantastic sight to be surrounded by fish from all angles. After breakfast, we prepared to set sail to Saba, our last island on the literary, before heading back to our home port of the British Virgin Islands. As we approached the looming island of Saba, the shipmates finally understand what it means when the island is referred to as an island of extremes; it has the highest mountain peak we will hike and the deepest dives we will explore with scuba tanks. And, it is home to the most steps any of us will ever climb in a row. 560 steps, to be exact. And that’s just on the path to get to the first town on the island, appropriately called The Bottom, as it lays in the shadow of Mt Scenery. It’s another 1500 steps or so up to the top, though I lost count last time I did the hike. We spent our afternoon cleaning up Ocean Star and preparing it for a makeover of sorts (new paint and wood teak). Then, we jumped in the water to cool off. Marc and John swam to shore and found another one of the island’s extremes- very large waves crashing on a rocky shore. Very different than the white sandy beaches we are used to, but nonetheless, it will be quite the exciting dinghy ride to shore tomorrow!