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Hello from Tarragona!

The last of our stay here in Tarragona began with breakfast and seamanship class before we were out on the town. We are truly doubling down on learning how to read and work out navigation on charts, and it has been a welcome challenge. Our exams are coming up, so wish us luck! Me and several of the girls on the boat spent our afternoon near the roman ruins in a park having a picnic of cheese, meats, crackers, bread, and fruits and spending some much-needed time together. After that, we split up to soak in as much as we could before we have to leave tomorrow.
Many of the other students did the same. Spencer said he visited many other historical sites that we skipped over during our tour yesterday, and Elan spent the afternoon writing and drawing around the city. Rocco, Wyatt, Ben, and Amos spent a little time doing laundry in a laundromat, which they all seem to be quite happy about, and the rest of the day around the city. I heard so many comments about amazing fresh fruit and other delicious food that I think many people will remember, especially Case, who cut up practically half a watermelon to eat with dinner. Tarragona has been a much-needed exploration. I never knew of this place before I came here, and now I know I won’t forget it.
Barcelona, Tarragona’s busy and crowded neighbor, was also a delight. Still, something about the calmer port town life of Tarragona, along with its long, long, and important history, has been such an amazing thing to learn about and explore. The way truly ancient ruins meet modern apartments, supermarkets, and other urban life is so vastly different from what life and history looks like in the United States. After dinner, back on the boat, we did clean up and a sheet change!
Some students will be watching movies well into the night, I am sure, and few others and I will be studying for our navigation master exam. Freddie, our new captain, sat down to teach his first PSCT course this evening, and everyone is very excited. Our new staff member Shona is fitting in right with everyone perfectly as if she has been with us all along. We miss Darius already. Our first full day without him was a sad one. We are all looking forward to our next anchoring, and we all miss everyone at home!

P.S. – Happy Anniversary, Levi and Kylie

– Paige 🙂

Photo #1- cool building
Photo #2- picnic (left to right: Anna, Alexa, Savanna, Paige, Ceci, Kaleigh, Ines, and Jess)
Photo #3 – cool building
Photo #4-cool mosaic
Photo #5- walkway