Location: Underway to the Azores

Today marks the halfway point for our first leg across the Atlantic, with a whopping 1150 nautical miles under our belt thus far. We have made it past the United States and Canadian Economic Exclusion zones, passed over the continental shelf, made new friends, seen whales/dolphins/sharks, been hit by flying fish while helming, and we’ve learned a whole bunch of cool factoids, but it is only DAY 20! We have had the absolute pleasure of being able to use sail power alone for a number of those 1150 miles. Last night we were surrounded by squalls, but even though they can rain on us, they cannot ruin our quest for bright stars and beautiful sunrises, which we found after the brief rain.

We are currently in about 5300 meters of water, and I can’t help to think about how long it would take us to fall if all the water disappeared. Also, how many weird-looking deep-sea creatures are in the watery world beneath our keel. As we continue along on our merry way, luckily not needing to worry about all the water disappearing below us, we find the simplest of pleasures will satisfy our minds. A plane spotted overhead, a flying fish landing on the deck, and the best thing is knowing there are 31 souls on this boat, and they are the only ones we need to worry about for the next couple of weeks while the outside world is blissfully out of contact range.

A closeup of Jake’s face
Lolo showing how excited she is about life
Watch team 3 hanging in the cockpit

Current position: