Location: Statia

As soon as the first rays of sunshine poked over the horizon, the crew of Ocean Star was up and raising the anchor. We departed from Ile Fourche and motored back to Gustavia, St. Barths. As soon as we entered the harbor, we dropped anchor, and Boomer took off on Irving to clear us out of St. Barths. While Boomer was clearing, the rest of the crew undertook sail preparations. We then raised anchor and set sail for the island of Statia. We had good wind coming from the east, and we averaged about 8kts of speed. The passage overall was exciting. We performed some jibes and maneuvered our way through sticky situations around big moorings and oil tankers. We anchored off Statia in the early afternoon and got lines, sails, and the deck squared away. Henry then gave his presentation on Statia, and shipmates spent the remainder of their afternoon studying, practicing chart work, and swimming. Dinner was prepared by Kirsty and Tyler (it was delicious!), and shipmates enjoyed discussing their most embarrassing moments as they ate. After dinner clean up, students had marine biology, learning about marine mammals and birds of polar seas, and spent the rest of the night working on their Oceanography projects.