Location: Underway to Nevis

After pulling through their first night passage, the crew of Ocean Star saw dawn break just ahead of the steep cliffs of the island of Saba. They were also lucky enough to catch sight of a pod of pilot whales, only a boat length or two from the starboard side! After passing under the lee of Saba and thereby getting out of the chop of the open Caribbean Sea, the crew assembled on deck for lunch. It was my personal favorite Tuscan White Bean Soup served up for lunch, and combined with the calmer waters, the food quickly mixed with a conversation about the previous night’s trials and tribulations. Smiles and laughter broke out when describing some of the odd predicaments people find themselves in on night watches. After making our way down to St. Kitts, we decided to throw up some more sail for some added speed to drive ahead to Nevis. We arrived shortly thereafter at around 4 pm and set anchor just outside Charlestown. It was time for a quick wash down of the boat before squeeze and a night out at Sunshines. Dinner was a hearty meal of chicken and fish, and it was eaten up as quickly as it was laid out. We had the privilege of dining with the crew of Sabamba, who were on their 21-day ActionQuest Minerva Voyage. Some of our crew had friends from previous programs at the table, and the catching up and reminiscing was fun. A great day has passed. Everyone seems happy and confident, having conquered his or her first passage. It is great to see the students move about the deck and hoist sails and anchor with a familiarity. More good things are to come as we have a lot in store for tomorrow!