Location: Mayreau, Tobago Cays

Today we enjoyed one more day at the Tobago Cays, the other Caribbean, the quiet, beautiful, lay-back-and-enjoy-every-sunset Caribbean. After enjoying the marine life, the sandy beaches, the short hikes to the top of little islands dominated by the iguanas, and the sporadic early morning rain showers at the marine park, we moved today to the only one of the Tobago Cays islands that is populated: Mayreau. Before that though we took our time to complete our second Oceanography quiz. Grades are yet to be announced, but the general feeling is positive. On the way here we had the chance to catch some , a floating brown alga, and sieve through it, searching for marine creatures, such as shrimp and juvenile crab, that hide in it and use it for a protected ride across the seas. Once in Mayreau we tidied up the boat and made ourselves ready to explore the island. It offers spectacular views from the top, and is adorned by very photogenic beaches. After checking some of the restaurants in town we made our way up as a group. At the top of the hill, in an idyllic frame set, we developed an inspiring discussion forum on the importance of values in our lives. Shortly before sunset we made our way back to Ocean Star, where we enjoyed Student Leadership class as well as freshly caught fish for dinner. Now most are getting their sleep to prepare minds and bodies for the next chapter in our trip: Tomorrow we will be leaving the quiet outlying Tobago Cays to visit the lively Bequia.