Location: Redonda

Today was the highly anticipated sail to Dragon Island, a beautiful volcanic island rich with sea and bird life. To top off the beautiful views we even have a Lord of the island on board, Kevin (aka Dragon), so this trip was of great significance. Now, I’m sure many of you are reading this saying a Lord? Yeah okay. But it’s true, you just need a little context. Our fearless leader and man at the helm, Captain Kevin Johnsen, was perusing through local magazines one day when he stumbled upon an article describing the history of a local island called Redonda, in particular the series of self proclaimed “Kings” who have claimed the island as their own over the years (the island hasn’t been populated in 100 years). Apparently the last known king had died and there was no proclaimed heir to the crown. Kevin, thought it fitting that since he sailed by the island multiple times a year that he would be King Dragon, and rename the island Dragon Island. He was undisputed for a while until the previous king’s will was found and it turns out he had proclaimed an heir. Kevin unwilling to let up his rule wrote the new king asking him if he could remain Lord of Dragon Island in exchange for checking on the island while passing by, which the king duly granted him. So today the Lord returned to his island with an excited new crew at hand. The sail from Nevis went smoothly, as the crew is steadily getting more deft with the whole sailing process. I for one, am starting to feel really excited about sailing passages, because every time I am getting more self sufficient which is really satisfying. The island itself was also better than I had ever expected, and climbing on the rocks and through a cave was probably a highlight of the trip so far. We even found a dragon skull onshore which of course, delighted the Lord himself. We used a couple hours of downtime to explore the shore around the leeward side of the island, and had a truly amazing time. It is safe to say that I may be contacting the king of Dragon Island shortly to request a position of Duke. setdate:2012-10-04