Location: Underway to Statia

Hello Everyone! Today we, unfortunately, embarked on our second-to-last sail to our last stop, Statia. We had an early checkout out of Saba after an awesome day at shore yesterday and a super eventful stay in Saba. It saddens me to write about today’s final Brazilian cheese bread for breakfast made by our favorite Brazilian, Alexis. We then started the day with a leadership class where we got to vote for our five leaders for the student-led passage back to Antigua/the motherland. Kate was elected skipper, Mia chief mate, Kebo navigator, Alexis’ engineer, and KT second mate. Our five leaders got to practice their leadership roles during our 4-hour sail to Statia. I wish I could tell you all more about this passage, but unfortunately, I was pretty bent out of shape with some seasickness and curled up in my bed. When we arrived in Statia, we had our final Marine Bio class with Steph, followed by a boat appreciation and a good cleaning. Alexis, Waring, and Aidan or better known on this vessel as the “dream team,” cooked us gyros for dinner, accompanied by an awesome sunset. You can cut the tension with a knife tonight on Ocean Star as everyone gets ready for the Navmaster final exam tomorrow. We are all trying to squeeze in the last bit of knowledge before a full day of the exam tomorrow. Send us prayers and loads of good luck. Definitely bummed to be writing this trip log for the final time, but we will see you all so soon! Hope everyone has a great end to your weekend and gets after it this week before we return.

Photo 1: Port quarter lifts
Photo 2: Starboard-quarter lifts
Photo 3: Topping the main boom
Photo 4: Beautiful foresail sheet flake by Dani and Waring
Photo 5: Beautiful main sail sheet flake by Kate and KT
Photo 6: Squad at lunch
Photo 7and8: Sunset
Photo 9: Hammock squad