Location: Underway to Fiji

With a heavy heart, I now present to you my final blog entry of the Argo Spring 2021 semester. The last time I did one of these was 27 days ago on day 58, on this very same passage. They say that the longest passage Argo had ever done before was but a mere 21 days. On this longest ever passage of the longest ever Seamester, 21 days doesn’t sound very long at all. We have already crossed several Atlantic’s worth of ocean. On this voyage, so I’m told, we have covered a distance roughly equivalent to the breadth of Eurasia. Who knew that Eurasia felt so small.

I imagine we’ve all become a bit strange. What will a normal schedule be like, now that we’ve been at sea on a watch rotation for over a month? I think that we’ll rise to the occasion just as time and again, from the locks of Panama to the tempests of Polynesia. As soon as we enter the territorial waters of Fiji, we staff will be turning the boat over to our newly elected student leaders. I have no doubt that they’re ready to pilot us safely to our final destination. Every shipmate’s training has paid off, and it has been quite nice to have 21 capable sailors on hand these past few weeks underway.

On moonless nights we see every star in the heavens as plankton glow and sparkle against the black of the sea and sky. The shimmering night will carry on into our dreams long after the voyage is done. Good memories can stay with you forever if you let them.

Current position: 15 6.15′ S, 177 7.91′ W

Nick, Natalie, and Riley deep in nautical contemplation contemplation
Watch team 3 standing stoic at sunrise
Renee, Lewis, Steph, Gillian, and Lolo acting perfectly ordinary