Location: Les Saintes

It says a lot about a crew that is willing to wake up at 5:30 am and hike up hill in order to get the best vantage to enjoy a sunrise together. This is a highly passionate and dedicated group known as Argo. Faced with another jam packed day of activities and jobs alike the OW divers completed there final dives and became honorary citizens of the aquatic realm. After this accomplishment a relaxing day at the beach and a stroll through town was well earned. Meanwhile, advanced and rescue divers took the initiative and lead there own dives with confidence and experience past octopus and lionfish finding a new satisfaction within the group. When given opportunities it is becoming second nature for this group to rise to the occasion. After a great dinner and an introduction to upcoming science classes, the group is onto the next task of learning the reef fish that twinkle amongst the reef.

Hi family and Mansuella!