Location: Underway to Kumai

So far, all have been rather well. The boat is beginning to feel more and more like home with every rise and fall of the swell. As we drift closer and closer to the shores of our destination, I feel as though we drift ever closer to each other as a family. I truly believe I can speak for all of us when I say that the trip this far has been extremely rewarding thus far, even though the nights are long, the days hot and the waves large.Getting up at midnight to watch the seas for boats and nets may sound difficult, but if you let the motion of the boat take you and the stars overhead light up your night, then the conversations and laughs come as fast as the winds blowing over the deck. So, I believe I can say with the spray chilling our skin and the taste of salt on our lips, I have never had such a wonderful experience and am thoroughly looking forward to what the next day brings.