Location: Saba

Yet another great day in the Caribbean! Today after breakfast, we split into two groups. The first went diving until lunchtime, while the others stayed behind to get some stuffy, sweaty, studying (as well as some napping) done. Then, once the first group had returned, we swapped places, and the second group went to dive until just before dinner. The dive was one of the best we’ve done so far. Saba is unique in that it was declared a marine park reserve shortly after people began to dive its many beautiful reefs, meaning that it is one of the few areas that has been thoroughly protected rather than restored. This small fact seemed to make all the difference, as the reefs here are teeming with unique and interesting creatures. The excursion was broken into two different dives, the first down to 80 feet and the second slightly shallower at 70 feet. No longer fearing the blue depths below, we all eagerly plunged into the water and were instantly awed by the abundance of life. We saw nearly everything a beginning diver would hope to see, including seahorse, eels, sea slugs, great barracuda, giant lobsters, and several lovable sea turtles, in addition to the usual (but never dull!) a wide variety of brightly colored reef fish. Both dive locations were downright stunning, and I’m sure I’m not the only one aboard who could have spent all day exploring them. We’re prepping to leave Saba behind now to bring Ocean Star back home to the BVIs. This little dutch island has been an excellent cap to our voyage, and it’s officially all downhill from here. Signing off for my last day as skipper, Jessi out.