Location: Pain de Sucre

We woke up this morning to wet and windy weather, enough so that we ate breakfast in the salon for the first time. It was a little tight, but definitely preferable to getting soaked up on deck. After breakfast we moved over to Pain de Sucre across the bay and had a fun time anchoring the boat. We’ve set up Ocean Star right over the site we’ll be diving, which is about 30ft off shore. To make sure we don’t bump into anything we’ve dropped both anchors and set up a stern line to keep us from swinging. Everything went smoothly though and we were rewarded with a fantastic lunch of baguettes, salami, french cheese and apple cinnamon flake pastry. These french islands do have great food, but I’ve got to give a shout out to Beats and Stephanie in the kitchen. As they say, a way to a mans heart is through his stomach and those two have made some really great meals; the apple pastry was especially good. We just finished another great meal of chowder that John was working on for most of the afternoon. The meal was a great way to prepare us for our night dive tonight which everyone is really excited for. We all dove the reef today for our research projects and to familiarize ourselves with the reef. We’re all looking to see some cool creatures tonight as well as to experience our first nocturnal scuba adventure.