Location: Les Saintes

This morning we awoke to delicious crepes, made by Stephanie and Sam, in honor of our sail to Les Saintes today. After breakfast and clean up we had a quick MTE class about running fixes, which is as confusing as it sounds. We then split up into our watch teams and put the sails up. My watch team, watch team one, raised the main sail in record time- congrats to us. We put a reef in the main and fore sails and were going about 7 1/2 knots which made for an awesome sail. During the sail Alex and I had a mini dance party at the bow, it was quite intense. We also saw dolphins which is always exciting! I took the helm and sailed us into Les Saintes. It was a little difficult because of the shifty wind but it was still a lot of fun. Once we anchored Eric went in and cleared customs while the rest of us started a BA. Worms, Big Mac, Jack Attack, and I were group deckwash – it started out fine and dandy until Ryan decided to put a little too much soap on the deck and made my job as spraying a little difficult. After the BA we took showers and cleaned all the grim off us. We then had dinner and an OCB class where we learned about sea turtles. After class we did our own thing- some hit the sack, some played Bananagrams, and some played with Jacks iPhone and looked at all the different constellations in the sky. Overall it was another amazing day on Oceanstar.