Location: Undeway to St. Lucia

Today’s schedule was the usual with lunch at 12:00, class from 1:00-2:45, deck showers at 3:00 and dinner at 6:00. Boomer told us a while back that this trip isn’t about arriving at a location, but rather getting there. At the time I doubted him because all I could think about was arriving in Barcelona or Gibraltar. But after the last passage I realized that some of the best days are the usual; for this passage everyone seems to have adopted a certain understanding of that. Two weeks underway shouldn’t be something you count down or look to the end, but rather enjoy everyday as it is. With that said, I am definitely looking forward to getting to the Caribbean, but not too quickly. Again quoting Boomer, its a marathon not a race. So we take pleasure in everyday and know that this isn’t an experience we want to rush.

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