Location: Underway to St. Lucia

Today was a lovely sunny day, as we made our way across the Atlantic as fast as our motor could take us. Some wind would be nice, but I’m afraid to ask for too much wind in case it should bring a white squall. Today in marine biology class we learned about the weird alien-like animals, including gigantic squid, on the ocean bottom, while in PSCT we learned the theory behind sun sights. For those who don’t know, a sun sight is taken with a sextant to measure the angle between the sun and the horizon. From it we can derive our line of position and find out where we are on the chart. From all this celestial talk paired with the strange and alien depths of the ocean, I started to think about aliens. Speaking of outer space, a brilliant meteor was seen the other night. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see it, but from what Ive heard it illuminated the deck like it was day time. My squeeze question for the night was whether people believed in aliens. The answer was an astounding yes from each and every crew member. In conclusion I would like to state that there are aliens all around us, in the depths of the ocean and into the cold abyss of outer space. We hope to see more awesome celestial occurrences and learn more about the ocean in the days to come!