Location: Cape Town, South Africa

The warm weather and cool breeze we’ve experienced since arriving in Cape Town have been a welcome relief to the cold passages we’ve had along the South African coast. This morning was exceptionally nice, and the sunny morning was accompanied by perfectly baked chocolate chip muffins. Post breakfast clean-up, Carolyn gave everyone an introduction to the Volvo Ocean Race and around the world race that is currently in Cape Town and leaving for Melbourne, Australia, in two days. We learned about some of the history of the race and the teams and life aboard. Most people went ashore after the presentation and scattered around the busy V & A Waterfront to do some shopping, sightseeing, and eating. Because there was a scheduled in-port race this afternoon, we all gathered back at the boat and headed out to find a vantage point from which to watch the race. It was exciting for everyone to watch professionals race since we had just finished the last passage of a trip, of which learning all the ins and outs of sailing was such a huge component. At the end of the race, everyone could see the boats come back onto the dock and participate in cheering with the crowd for the winner of the race, Dongfeng. The excitement reaching a conclusion, people started meandering back towards S/Y Argo for dinner, prepared by chefs Elle, Alexander, and Tina, which was freshly made falafel, salad, pitas, tzatziki sauce, and rice. Happy birthday was then sung to Sydney and was followed by an assortment of tiny cakes. The evening concluded with the last academic exam of the semester, Marine Biology, after which people decompressed and enjoyed the pleasant evening on the deck.