Location: Atlantic Ocean

Good morning, afternoon, and/or evening to whoever is taking the time to read up on Vela’s progress on her current South Atlantic passage. Today, I am happy to report that there has been an uncontainable amount of laughter and a surplus of positive energy from the entire crew! We have been cruising along at 6-8kts for the majority of this sunny Monday under full sail, and the decision was made to cancel class so that we could all enjoy the conditions.

Personally, my day kicked off at 0345 (ish), whereupon a flying fish perfectly slam-dunked itself through one of the main hatches on the chart-house in order to have a rave under the red light illuminating the chart table. I plucked the fella from the logbook and threw him out of the companion way, hailing “be free”. Thankfully, none of my colleagues were awoken by the event, though it did provide some entertainment to the watch hand-over. Following this, my watch team had a lovely 0400-0800 shift that featured more country music than most Brits would be comfortable with and an astonishing sunrise. As usual, the rest of the morning was then reserved for sleeping and studying.

Come lunchtime, Con had whipped up a “full English brunch” that delighted just about everyone. I must say, it was quite a pleasure to have scrambled eggs in the middle of the Atlantic. The galley team’s efforts should receive the highest praise, as they have clearly set the standard for all of us (not least myself – as head chef tomorrow).

For the students, the afternoon was filled with watching Moana. Studying and relaxing in the saloon. Meanwhile, staff kept watch and worked on their own projects. Freddie made progress with his DiveMaster stuff, Meg finished grading some papers, and I got some practice in with the sextant (how 18th-century sailors used those things without an almanac is a marvel to me).

To not get caught out overnight, we are now dropping the fisherman’s sail and the main staysail. This will hopefully allow us to sail peacefully through the night – something that is a particular privilege for Jake, Meg, and myself, as our three heads are in close proximity to the engine room.

Currently, all is well onboard, so in the words of Bugs Bunny, that’s all folks!

(To Nain and Taid – It was great to catch up with you from St. Helena, and I hope we can talk again soon! I hope you know that I am happy and in excellent company. I cannot wait to share better stories with you whenever I see you next. For now, sending out my love will have to suffice. Cariad!)