Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

We got sight of land at around 2 in the morning but had to wait for the sun to come up before docking. It was all hands at five-thirty, and shipmates were awoken to hear what has become the trip’s theme song – Africa. It had been a longer passage than anticipated, and we were all excited to finally reach our destination. There were many preconceived ideas on what the African coastline would look like, and most of us recognized the trees from our childhood favorite “The Lion King,” whose songs have also been heard echoing throughout the boat. As usual, we were quite a show for all the locals in Richards Bay. During our BA, we were visited by many locals who checked out Argo while we cleansed her of all the accumulated salt grime from such a long passage. After the cleaning was done, we went out to dinner, where there were steaks, pizzas, and ice cream galore. It was a satisfying end to a day that many see as the beginning of the end of our time on Argo. We have made it across the ocean!

*This entry includes additional photos from our passage to Richards Bay, South Africa.*