Location: Nevis

We woke up like any other day, to soothing music and the chef’s loud breakfast preparation. After eating breakfast on deck we were ready for the hike up to Nevis’ water source. Some of us were expecting an easy nature walk, but we found ourselves climbing rocks and steep trails. Once we made it up, we had finally found the ice cold waterfall. It was a satisfying finish but we knew that we had to walk every step back. All of us were exhausted from the hike and were given shore time. We had a taste of Nevis’ local cuisine, and walked the town before heading back to Ocean Star. For the last hours of daylight some of us took long ocean showers, windsurfed, napped in hammocks, or went for a scuba dive. For dinner we went to the popular Sunshine’s, a beach bar with delicious food. We enjoyed drinks, Mahi Mahi, and BBQ chicken. To cap the night off we raised the dinghies on deck and made some brownies. Another great day in the books.