Location: Tobago Cays

Today was a great day as usual! Who can complain when you wake up in the Tobago Cays to palm trees and clear blue water? We woke up and had a delicious English Style breakfast followed by an Oceanography class. After that the group was split in two- the first group did a science snorkel with Casey and the second group had some shore time. The snorkel group saw some neat things, including a nurse shark, on a reef nearby. And the shore group also saw some neat things like iguanas and turtles! For lunch we had pasta and garlic bread- always a satisfying meal! After lunch, the groups switched and Kristine took the second group snorkeling. Everyone was back on Argo by around 15:00. During free time most people studied for a fish identification quiz that we have tomorrow. And some people took advantage of free time for naps since it was a little rainy outside today. We had an early Thai curry dinner so that the first snorkel group can do a night snorkel, which should be very cool! And then we will snuggle up in the salon to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, since we are anchored right next to one of the spots where it was filmed!